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Spaceport Sweden win TRIP Award

Swedish space tourism company win tourism award
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Innovation is the theme of this year permeating the entire program and is also the focus of the new award category where Spaceport Sweden is one of three finalists for the �innovation award�.
�There is a wide spread among our finalists in terms of business, location and size. The final will be exciting to follow showcasing all the talented entrepreneurs and companies. With the new category, innovation of the year, we wish to put spotlight on leading examples of innovative new approaches that will contribute to the development of the tourism industry going forward�, said Jan Lundin, President, Travel and Tourism Industry in Sweden.
�We are thrilled and very proud to be nominated for this award! It means a lot both to us but also for this young industry. As a pioneer we wish to inspire others to join our mission as we believe that by rising to this challenge, we have a unique opportunity to take tourism in Sweden to the next level and become even more attractive in a competitive marketplace, creating opportunities yet unforeseen�, says Karin Nilsdotter, CEO Spaceport Sweden.
Spaceport Sweden is a pioneering initiative to establish space tourism in Sweden and become a world leading spaceport and hub for commercial human spaceflights, research and cross-industry innovation. Supplying infrastructure and services to commercial space operators and academia, Spaceport Sweden